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T3 - Tranya
T3 - Tranya
T3 - Tranya
T3 - Tranya
T3 - Tranya
T3 - Tranya
T3 - Tranya

Tranya T3

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Tranya T3 true wireless earbuds are designed for bass lovers with power and punchy bass. With IPX5 waterproof, 64 hours of playtime, latest Bluetooth 5.0 technolgy, it's a perfect partner for your hardcore workouts.

Only Available in U.S.


Why there're two versions of the user manual?

We made a little upgrade of the T3 wireless earbuds in November 2019, and changed the master-slave mode and made both left and right earbud masters. It will automatically enter mono mode when you pick up either earbud from the charging case and will enter stereo mode when you pick up both. So the operation is changed a little bit.

Which user manual should I download?

Firstly, please find the date code, a-four-digit number lie on the bottom of the charging case, eg: 1908 - means manufactured in August 2019. If the date code on the product is before October 2019 (201910), please download the older version. If the date code on the product is after that, please download the new version.

How can I clean the earbuds?

  1. Clean the contact pins using a clean cloth or cotton swab dipped in alcohol-based disinfectants. For precise cleaning, put the cloth on the end of a toothpick.
  2. Pull off the eartips and clean the mesh filter gently with a dry cotton swab.
  3. Do not use sharp objects or abrasive materials to clean T3.
  4. Do not let water get inside T3 and if you used a watered swab to clean the mesh, let them air dry after cleaning.

How to reset the T3 earbuds?

If the date code on the back of the charging case is before 1910, such as 1909, please follow the below steps to reset:

  1. Clear up “T3-L” and “T3-R” on the Bluetooth list of your cell phones, then turn off the Bluetooth in your cell phones;
  2. Pick up the earbuds from the charging case and turn them off, with the voice prompt of “Power off” from both earbuds;
  3. When the earbuds are off, press and hold the power keys of the earbuds up to 15 seconds until you hear the voice prompt of “reset” from both earbuds;
  4. Wait 3-5 seconds then turn on both earbuds and keep the two earbuds "within 5cm". (The reset would be successful if the right indicator light blinks “white and blue” alternately.)
  5. Turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphones, then select the "T3-R" to pair with your smartphone

Note: (The most important point is to keep the two earbuds "within 5cm" in step 4) See video instruction: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTwBcrkSql9V6YZIlUcnRrQ

If the date code on the back of the charging case is 1910 or after, please follow the below steps:

  1. Put the earbuds back into the charging case.
  2. Forget “T3” from the Bluetooth list on your device.
  3. Pick up the earbuds and reconnect.

How long does it take to fully charge the earbuds?

Around 1 hour.

How many times can the charging case recharge the earbuds?

It can give 7 full recharges to the earbuds if the case itself is fully recharged.

Does the case support wireless charging?

No, it doesn’t.

How long can I play with the earbuds after a full charge?

They support up to 8 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge.

What should I do if the earbuds don’t recharge in the charging case?

  1. Confirm the charging case has power left (there are four lights indicates the battery level of the case).
  2. Ensure all charging contact pins on the earbuds and the charging case are completely clean and dry of sweat and water. Then put earbuds correctly into the case.
  3. Connect the case with the included Micro USB cable and plug it into a USB power source.

Why the earbuds don't turn on when I take them out of the charging case?

  1. Long press the power button of the T3 to see if you can power them on manually.
  2. If not, recharge both the charging case and the earbuds and try again.
  3. If still doesn’t work after recharging, please reset the earbuds. See "How to reset the T3 earbuds?".

What should I do if the earbuds still playing when I put them back into the charging case?

When the charging case is at low power or out of power, the earbuds will not power off automatically when you return them to the charging case. Please long press the touch control button to power them off manually, and recharge the charging case.

What audio codecs does T3 support?

SBC and AAC.

Does T3 support transparency mode?

No, it doesn't.

What should I do if there is no sound while connecting to a computer?

  1. Delete the pairing record and reconnect T3 again.
  2. You may need to select the T3 as the default playback and output device. This can be found in your computer's audio settings.
  3. Update your computer's Bluetooth driver or buy a Bluetooth adapter that is compatible with your computer.

What should I do if only one earbud has sound?

  1. Put the earbuds into the charging case, pick them up and reconnect.
  2. If that doesn't work, see "How to reset the T3 earbuds?".

What should I do if the sound is inconsistent on right and left earbud?

  1. Please clean the eartips and the mesh filter on the earbuds gently with a dry cotton swab or cloth.
  2. Reset the earbuds. See "How to reset the T3 earbuds?"

Can T3 be paired with multiple devices at the same time?

No, T3 doesn’t support multipoint connection. If you want to connect T3 to a second device, please disconnect T3 from the first device.

What should I do if the earbuds don't pair with my device?

  1. Delete the pairing record on your device, turn off the Bluetooth and turn it on again to pair it with your earbuds again.
  2. If the earbuds are not pairing, please try to reset your earbuds. See "How to reset the T3 earbuds?"

What should I do if T3 disconnects?

  1. Delete the pairing record on your device, turn off the Bluetooth and turn it on again to pair it with your earbuds again.
  2. Reset the earbuds. See "How to reset the T3 earbuds?"

What should I do if only one earbud works?

  1. Delete the pairing record on your device, turn off the Bluetooth and turn it on again to pair it with your earbuds again.
  2. Long press the one that doesn’t work and see if you can manually power it on or off. If not, recharge it and check again.
  3. If yes, please see "How to reset the T3 earbuds?"

What should I do if the earbuds do not reconnect to the last paired device automatically?

Please try the below tips and see if they help:

  1. Forget the pairing record on your device and reconnect again.
  2. Reset the earbuds. See "How to reset the T3 earbuds?"

What should I do if the earbuds can’t connect to my laptop or PC?

Please try below tips

  1. Make sure your laptop or PC supports Bluetooth connection, if not, plug in a Bluetooth transmitter.
  2. If you have a wireless/Bluetooth mouse connected with your laptop or PC, disconnect it and try again. (We found some wireless/Bluetooth mouses creates interference that you can not get seamless connectivity from other Bluetooth devices.)

What should I do if the earbuds can’t switch back to stereo mode?

Please try the below tips:

  1. Forget the earbuds from your device and pair it again.
  2. If that can’t fix the problem, please reset the earbuds. See “How to reset the T3 earbuds?“


Manual T3 User Manual (For New Version) 2019-08-25 Download
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5 s.

This product is better than I expected. The saound quality is much better than apple airpods. I've already recommended my fnds to use it because it's affordable and provide you the experience you'd get from other expensive products.


Wow - don't bother with AirPods I bought Apple's AirPods when they came out and thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. After a while, they started to leave me wanting more, the quality of the sound just wasn't there, etc. I found these headphones on Amazon and after only a few hours with them, they are NIGHT AND DAY better than AirPods. The set up is very easy, they are a different form factor than AirPods and they actually have small rubber "gaskets" that go into your ear. For me, that is HUGE because they don't fall out. I took them on a run, first off, THEY DIDNT FALL OUT, which was amazing. The sound quality is amazing, there is so much bass to these headphones, you will not be disappointed. I like the charging case, it has a built-in battery, so it charges the headphones even when it is not plugged in. I am buying a 2nd pair for my wife as she is not a big fan of AirPods either. These headphones are definitely worth the price to pay. Fair and above best wireless earbuds I have ever used. A++++


Low end is definitely as what the headfi people said, bassy earbuds for sure. After a while I realised it wasn't as clean or detailed as on the over-ears I use daily (unfair comparison as they were a $300 full-sized pair of headphones, keep in mind) but detectable for sure. That said, the high end is acceptable if you don't boost the already-strong bass much. Switched to the big silicone tips and got a good seal. Comfort is one of its qualities, and I could hardly feel they were in my ears after a couple of minutes. They also stayed in position when I shook my head with more vigour than anyone would in daily activities. Removing the right earpiece from the case first as instructed, the T3s paired quickly and easily, and I did not encounter any signal drops (although is it just me, or does it default to full volume when first connected?) Aesthetically the T3s look sharp, and wouldn't be out of place in a premium-level product lineup. Think I'm slightly nitpicking about the sound, and I believe if I had gotten these without ever trying the over-ears, I'd happily be using them daily. Overall I'm suitably impressed with the sound it delivers, and even without a 25% discount, it's a worthy purchase.

Yo W.

I was suprised by how well made it was.It came with a good box, the earphones are sturdy and the charging case is sturdy. The only issue i have is with the connectivity, where one of the earphones stops playing for half a second(that rarely happens, about 1 time a day). But all in all, good product for the price


I have Sabbat Ultra, Galaxy Buds and now these. What should I say , these almost became my main buds. I say almost, because the call quality is not that good. But as a EDM music lover, these are truly amazing in sound. The bass is deep and full, like i couldn't believe that these wireless small thingies could give such depth. They are not the most clear, but these are bass monsters. If you want more highs and dispersed sound stage, maybe the other models like Rimor and B530 will satisfy you. But for me, these are PERFECT in they type of music i listen to. I bought 3 pairs at once, one for a friend and two for me, one to keep in my office. I took a risk since i didn't knew that how they sound, but, boy was i satisfied how these sound. The battery is good, as described on the sale page. The button controls doesn't work for me, i feel every press and it kinda hurts, but it is what it is. I bought them on sale, so for that price are more than amazing. Sorry about my English.

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