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TranyaGo Smartwatch

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  • 1.69” Wide Screen High-resolution Display With Super Lightweight
  •  A Quick Check to All The Notifications On The Display
  • 24/7 Monitoring Heart Rate
  • IP68 Waterproof Standard
  • The Long-lasting Battery of Up to 7-10 Days
  • Modern Sleeping System to Optimize Sleeping Data Everyday
  • 9 Unique Sports Modes to Cater to Different Fitness Needs
  • Freely Setting The Watch Face
  • Remote Camera Control Just By Shaking Wrist
  • Exploring More Functions By "Glory Fit" App
  • Black used version only available in USA


Why can’t I receive the message notification?

Android Phone:

Step 1: Be sure the watch is connected to the phone;

Step 2: Be sure the “GloryFit” App is running in your cell phones, and keep it running in the background;

Step 3: Be sure the watch is not on “Do Not Disturb” mode;

Step 4: Be sure the related reminders in the GloryFit App are on;

Note: Currently, the GloryFit App may be killed in the background for most Android Phones in every 10-15 minutes. Regarding to a specific model of your phone, for example, pixel 5, you can google "how to keep APPs running in the background pixel 5".


Step 1: Restart the phone and reconnect the smart watch;

Step 2: There will be a popping up "Bluetooth pairing request" and clicking "Pair";

Step 3: Be sure the “GloryFit” App is running in your cell phones, and keep it running in the background;

Step 4: Be sure the watch is not on “Do Not Disturb” mode;

Step 5: Be sure the related reminders in the GloryFit App are on.

Can’t find the smart watch when trying to select device on the GloryFit App setting

  1. Make sure the smart watch is on and close to your phone;

  2. Make sure the smart watch - “TranyaGo” is NOT on the Bluetooth list of your phones;

  3. Make sure the smart watch is not connected to any other phones. Search again and you would find “TranyaGo” in your GloryFit App.

Is the watch waterproof?

It supports IP68 waterproof and dust-proof level (IP68 standard is 35 degrees below water, 1 meter below 30 minutes). Usually, you can wash your hands, take a cold shower, or wash car with the smart watch.

Note: But be sure not to enter the steam room with your watch. Such as sauna, hot spring, hot bath, etc.

Why is the data of heart rate monitoring inaccurate?

To calculate your heart rate, Heart Rate Monitoring utilizesthe LED lights to determine how much green and red light is being detected from the skin of your wrist. If you don't keep the watch close to your skin, there will be ambient light reaching into the sensor, which will affect measurement accuracy.

How to sync this watch with your phone? (For Android 4. 4 or iOS 8. 0 and above, Bluetooth 4. 0 and above smartphones only, not for pc or tablet.)

1:Download the ‘GloryFit' APP by scanning QR code of the manual, or search ' GloryFit ' from APP store;

2: Open “GloryFit”, fill in User Profile info and bind TyanyaGo watch.(Please make sure Bluetooth is opened in your phone, but do not pair the watch directly with Bluetooth in your phone setting.)

3: If you connect the watch with the other phones before, please ignore them in Bluetooth setting before you pair with your new phone.

4: If you still cannot pair "TranyaGo" with your phone in "GloryFit", please reference instruction manual before operation.


Manual TranyaGo User Manual 2021-07-29 Download
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United Kingdom United Kingdom

Good smartwatch for a great price

I am very happy with this smartwatch. It has been get accurate counting steps, monitoring my heart rate and sleep. The GloryFit app works well and lets you use set up things like an alarm. I needed an alarm that would wake me up gently. This smartwatch vibrates. So far, very happy with this product for a great price!

United States United States

The most cost-effective smartwatch

I've owned many Tranya headphones/earpieces in the past so I can say I trust the brand, and for that, I was eager to try this budget smartwatch. For the price I got, it's a good, sleek watch! The app leaves something to be desired though. But if you don't mind all the other fancy features and just want a simple smartwatch with a decent display, this will do it. Design: Very sleek and lightweight. Even its box is so sleek! I think with the style and display, Tranya's trying a little bit to make this watch look like and feel like the Apple Smartwatch, especially some of its icons and text look similar. Display and touch sensitivity: There is motion sensitivity, i.e. the display will light up when you raise your arm, but it annoyingly takes about 1-2 seconds, and sometimes a couple of arm raises before the display lights up (in comparison, my bottom-tier Garmin watch almost lights up instantaneously when you raise your arm). The display is quite responsive, although I have to get used to many of the swiping options (It's not just up/down... also left/right on some screens) There is no "always-on" setting for the screen, which would've been sometimes useful. The display will remain on for 5, 10, or 15 seconds (those are the only choices). Overall, the watch display is good, especially for this price range. You can choose from a variety of displays, if you like to show all of the info like your heart rate, calories, steps along with the time; or if you just want a simple display that shows the time, you can change it to that too. Activities, stats recording, other features: It shows you the weather, alerts you when someone is calling you (weirdly though you can only 'reject' but not answer from your watch), it has both a 'find my phone' and 'find my watch' feature, it can control the music (at least with Spotify it worked), but I don't think it can store music unlike other smartwatches, you can read and dismiss messages and other notifications from your watch (you choose which apps can send notifications via the app) and you can also record your activities directly from the watch, which I haven't tried but maybe I'll try on a run later. It also gives you real-time heart info like bpm, and as with any smartwatch, your number of steps. Band: It's a long band, will fit a large range of wrist sizes. Not very soft but also not uncomfortable. Water resistance: it is rated IP68, meaning (theoretically) you can submerge it beyond 1m. I haven't tried to yet. App: It uses GloryFit, which is a decent standalone app. The app can show you a lot of decent stats from your watch, and within the app, you can also control what apps on your phone will give you notifications.

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