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Model: H10

  • Digital Active Noise Cancelling
  • High Definition Sound
  • Superior Phone Call Quality
  • Up to 24-Hour Playtime
  • Extremely Comfortable & Foldable Design


Can I use H10 while charging?

No. H10 will turn off while charging to ensure optimal battery life and safety.

Can I still use H10 when the battery runs out?

Yes, you can use them in wired mode.

How do I activate the noise cancellation mode?

Press the NC button to turn it on, press again to turn it off. You will hear a voice prompt.

Can I connect H10 to two devices at the same time? And how?

Yes. The H10 supports multipoint connection.

  1. Connect to the first device and then turn Bluetooth off on that device.
  2. Press the power button to re-enter pairing mode.
  3. Connect H10 to the second device.
  4. Turn on Bluetooth on the first device again and connect to H10 again.

How long does it take to fully charge H10?

Less than 1 hour.

What should I do if there is sound only playing from one side?

Try to reset the headphones. See "How do I reset H10?" If this doesn't fix the issue, you can apply for an exchange during your 18-month warranty period by emailing us at service@tranya.com.

How do I reset H10?

  1. Power on H10.
  2. press the power button and volume down button at the same time, and hold it for 5 seconds until you hear a voice prompt of "DuDu".


Manual H10 User Manual 2020-09-20 Download
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Highly Recommend

I have had the most pleasant experience with the Brand and Customer Service. Over Ear BT Headphones are superior by far. -Great sound quality -Bass sounds great -Sound proof with Ambient mode -“0” static -Little to “0” latency -Two BT connect at 1x Now, with the current sale they are a steal!! My wife wants some now. Customer service is great as well. My Audio Cord got is not working. I asked Customer Service if it was covered in Warranty. No it’s not covered but compensated me for it on demand.

Lasse D. Spilling
Norway Norway

Loving these

PROS: Excellent sound quality, fast pairing, multi devices, good microphone. Nice comfort, neutral design. Decent ANC mode. Voice feedback. CONS Ambient mode could be better. Headphones could have an «auto-off / sleep if unused for 1 hour» toggle to save battery. Buttons feel a bit cheap because of the clicky plastic (rubber or less «clicky» would be nice) COMPARED to Sony and Bose: - Sony and Bose have better ANC - Sony has slightly better sound - Tranya has better call quality - Tranya is way cheaper - Tranya has compareable sound quality - Tranya has compareable design and comfort to sony CONCLUSION Insanely good for its price. Buy these If you want excellent sound, good range, comfortable wear, good call quality and decent ANC from a company with quick support and excellent prices. I gave them 5/5 because at their price i dis not expect them to beat ANC of Sont and Bose, but they are surprisingly good in all other aspects. I also have Tranya T3 and B530 Pro, and can generally recommend Trany.

Chris P.

These headphones arrived in very and elegant professional packaging. They were so easy to operate that I never even opened the instructions. They are extremely comfortable and feel like deluxe quality. Even the carrying pouch feels elegant and well made. Active Noise cancellation and audio quality exceeded my expectations. The noise cancelling is amazing, the battery life is amazing, the quick charge is amazing, the ability to connect multiple devices is amazing. They're very lightweight and incredibly comfortable. They're foldable, adjustable, fit well, and are super comfortable, even for long periods of wearing. Bluetooth has an amazing range. I can leave my phone charging, go anywhere in my house or even a bit out into the yard, and these headphones stay connected. I am genuinely happy with this purchase and highly recommend it to anyone.

Nolan Y.

"This is my first pair of over the ear headphones from Tranya. Get a really nice quality headset with quite a few features that you can only find in much more expensive headsets. I have bought products from Tranya in the past and while its clear that they are not Bose they provide exceptional value and function. I will break out a few categories to make this review a bit easier to read. Appearance / Feel - These don't feel like cheap headphones. They feel pretty sturdy and look really nice. The color is subtle and my daughter appreciates that it isn't a cheap bright color. Controls - Pretty straight forward. They are very easy to use. The ANC switch needs to be turned on if you want to have the Noise Cancelling work. Sound - These sound great. The bass is deep but not overwhelming. At max volume they are louder than I would like, so they get loud enough. While there isn't a lot of customization you can do with it, the sounds are crisp and clear out of the box. The active noise canceling works well enough. I can still hear some background noise but it does a respectable jobs of muffling that noise out. Battery Life - On my first use they got me through an entire business trip without needing a re-charge."

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