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Model: T3 Pro

  • Breathtaking Music Quality with Crystal Clarity and Deep Resonant Bass
  • 60Hrs Ultra Long Playtime
  • Dual Master Design
  • Type C charging
  • Only Available in U.S.
  • Estimated Time of Arrival: 2-5 Business Days


    How can I clean the earbuds?

    1. Clean the contact pins using a clean cloth or cotton swab dipped in alcohol-based disinfectants. For precise cleaning, put the cloth on the end of a toothpick.
    2. Pull off the eartips and clean the metal mesh with a dry cotton swab. Remove any debris from the metal mesh with a clean, dry, soft-bristled brush.
    3. Do not use sharp objects or abrasive materials to clean T3 Pro.
    4. Do not let water get inside T3 Pro and if you used a watered swab to clean the mesh, let them air dry after cleaning.

    Does T3 Pro support active noise cancellation?


    Why can't the earbuds power on/off automatically?

    A: If the battery of charging case is low, the earbuds can NOT power on/off automatically. Please charge the case and try it again.

    How long does it take to fully charge the earbuds?

    Around 1 hour.

    How many times can the charging case recharge the earbuds?

    It can give 7 full recharges to the earbuds if the case itself is fully recharged.

    Does the case support wireless charging?

    No, it doesn’t.

    Why the earbuds don't turn on when I take them out of the charging case?

    1. Long press the power button of the T3 Pro to see if you can power them on manually.
    2. If not, recharge both the charging case and the earbuds and try again.
    3. If still doesn’t work after recharging, please reset the earbuds.

    Will there be latency when watching a video from your laptop or cell phone?

    A: The following tips may be helpful. (1) Video latency depends not only on the earbuds, but also the cell phones and the apps. (2) With latest Bluetooth 5.0 and high sensitivity antenna, the latency is hardly noticed on IOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad. (3) For Android and Windows devices, the latency may be noticed when using some apps, but can hardly be noticed while watching videos on YouTube.

    What audio codecs does T3 Pro support?

    SBC and AAC.

    Does T3 support transparency mode?

    No, it doesn't.

    Why does signal interruption occur in some places, such as along railway, in airport?

    **A: **There're usually lots of cables underlying in the places mentioned above, so are more likely to produce electromagnetic interference and results in signal interruption. And if you are using a Bluetooth mouse while connecting the earbuds to your PC, it may have signal interferencce. If the earbuds cuts in and out frequently during routine use, you may have a defective item. Please contact us. We do our best to respond to all inquiries within 12 hours.

    Can T3 Pro be paired with multiple devices at the same time?

    No, T3 Pro doesn’t support multipoint connection. If you want to connect T3 Pro to a second device, please disconnect T3 Pro from the first device.

    What should I do if the earbuds don't pair with my device?

    1. Delete the pairing record on your device, turn off the Bluetooth and turn it on again to pair it with your earbuds again.
    2. If the earbuds are not pairing, please try to reset your earbuds.

    What should I do if the earbuds can’t connect to my laptop or PC?

    Please try below tips:

    1. Make sure your laptop or PC supports Bluetooth connection, if not, plug in a Bluetooth transmitter.
    2. If you have a wireless/Bluetooth mouse connected with your laptop or PC, disconnect it and try again. (We found some wireless/Bluetooth mouses creates interference that you can not get seamless connectivity from other Bluetooth devices.)

    What should I do if the earbuds can’t switch back to stereo mode?

    Please try the below tips:

    1. Forget the earbuds from your device and pair it again.
    2. If that can’t fix the problem, please reset the earbuds.


    Manual T3 Pro User Manual 2020-12-09 Download
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    United States United States
    These rock!

    This model really nails it! I've got 4 or 5 pairs of different Tranyas and all of them have been great. I have my gripes about each of them but they're certainly not anything to knock down a star on as they're all personal preference. The original T3s were very had great sound quality and durable. They have improved the sound a lot on these Pro models. The originals had very little bass but the sound was clear, the pros now have plenty of base mixed with the same great sound. They also cut out essentially all outside noise, so if you work with loud equipment you may want to check these out. Other than possibly cleaning up the treble and adding bass I don't think there's much more to say on that. The first T3s had the real push button controls, and they've kept that on these. I prefer that as I often have to wipe my head off from sweating at work and the other models with the "touch" style buttons always end up skipping or pausing inadvertently. These also fit my ears the best of all the models I've tried. I work with heavy equipment outdoors, and in the rain a lot and have only lost a charging case from water damge, and had a single bud not work quite as well. But to be fair they sat submerged for several hours in a rained out cup holder. Those are my T3s and they're still my main pair, but barely after a year+ of abuse lol. The battery will last me all day, and into the next of nearly continuous usage. But just a short while on the charger and they're good to go again. If you're looking for some good sounding durable ear buds I highly recommend getting these. There's many brands to choose from and I'm sure many are great in their own way but you won't be disappointed with Tranya!

    United States United States
    Great headphones

    Ordered them on Amazon got them today must say the best headphones I've ever owned the sound is amazing

    Audrea L.
    United States United States
    The Best earbuds Ever

    These have been by far the best earbuds I have used the sound is crystal clear the bass amazing on point and the distance from where I can leave my phone and still have a conversation or listen to music is awesome they have great connection and so easy to use usely I have to get my husband or kids to hook everything up but I did these on my own so easy set up received them really fast and in perfect condition overall the Best Earbuds yet going to get my husband a pair so he will leave mine alone lol

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