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Bone Conduction Headphones

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Sound plays an important part in everyone’s life and we are bound to have one pair to have the sound tune in or out effortlessly according to mood. Mostly when we are using traditional earbuds or headphones, the sound is transmitted through the air to our eardrums. But Bone-conduction headphones work differently as they rely on the sound transmitted through the vibration into the bones that is why they are known as “Bone-conduction headphones”. Due to lack of eardrum involvement, this bone conduction headphone is best for people with hearing deficiencies.


Why should you get bone conduction headphones?


Bone conduction headphones are a great alternative for people who have any hearing issue but want to enjoy music. If a person is deaf with one, bone conduction headphones allow them to hear the stereo sound which he can’t hear from the traditional earbuds or headphones. Also, if a person wants to stay aware of the surroundings then we should also consider these headphones since they don’t seal the ears and allow you to hear potential hazards.



  1. Good for fitness lovers who want to keep their headphones away from the ears.
  2. People with any hearing disability.
  3. When you want to stay active in the surroundings so you don’t miss important details like at a bus stop or airport.
  4. Don’t want to ignore traffic while cycling or jogging.
  5. Bone-conduction headphones eliminate the risk of damaging the ears.



  1. Some users reported that the sound feels unpleasant when at a higher volume.
  2. Physical design is not that attractive like traditional ones.
  3. Less comfortable than the normal ones.


Some bone conduction headphones:


  1. Vidonn's F1 has noise-canceling features for voice call.
  1. AfterShok'z Trekz Titanium has 6 hours of playback and is reasonably priced.
  1. Tayogo are cheaper and good too.
  1. Pyle's bone conduction headphone is a good choice too.


These are some of the bone conduction headphones. Moreover, Tranya is also working on our new product which will have bone conduction in near future. Stay tuned to know more.

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