Our history
Come see the milestones we've reached along the way.

Built up and started Tranya Brand,entered wireless earbuds markets.


Develop 12mm, 14.2 mm
bigger driver on wireless
earbuds to balance the sound.


TranyaGo Smartwatch makes us step into another hot-selling product era.Ranks best-seller on Amazon.ca in three months.


Breakthrough technology, released ANC & Qualcomm® QCC3072 SoC true wireless earbuds.


Ranks best-seller on Amazon. com
with over 50000 5-star reviews.
More than 1800 orders per day.


The T10B full in-ear earplugs came out and became the sales champion for several consecutive years.


Tranya has a makeover, with a brand new logo, color, and slogan.


Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation technology has revolutionized the way we enjoy audio on headphones. By employing sophisticated algorithms and built-in microphones, noise-canceling headphones can effectively reduce ambient noise and create a more immersive listening environment.


By incorporating advanced digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms, headphone chips can deliver high-quality sound reproduction, improve audio clarity, and offer additional features such as noise cancellation and seamless connectivity.

SonicMax technology

With our proprietary SonicMax technology that can SIGNIFICANTLY enhance the clarity and separation, it can provide you an exceptional immersive listening experience with crisp highs, detailed mids, and deep bass.