Our Story

Being an audio professional, Taylor Zhang started Tranya to reject the myth that incredible sounds are only available from luxurious equipment, like a set of speakers or a pair of headphones at astronomical figures.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

At Tranya, we see access to enjoyable sound as a basic right. Therefore, Taylor and his team endeavor to research and develop cutting-edge audio technologies, and package them into stylish earpieces. Thanks to the tight control on supply chains, Tranya is able to pull off forward-looking features at reasonable costs, effectively making all our headphone products affordable. That said, we are devoted to delivering the most immersive listening experience to customers in a budget-friendly manner.

The extraordinary balance between performance and cost is made possible through years of immersion in the audio industry. Tranya maintains close relationships with sound engineers from top acoustic labs all over the world, into every piece of PVC, rubber, foam, copper, ceramics is the most nuanced fine-tuning from sound gurus.

Every pair of headphones we ship is a triumph of quality hardware met with detailed intimate human touches. Only by then do we sign our products Tranya.