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Very satisfied, the sound is great even at maximum volume. The sound comes out perfect without interference and the battery has a good durability.


A single post wouldn't be enough for so many good things this phone has... 12mm drivers, low latency, crystal clear calls with noise cancellation, 6mics and AI for calls. Very good battery for up to 32 hours and does not let you down.


This headset simply has everything you need! In addition to having a huge battery, it still has bluetooth 5.3, 3 microphones in each earphone for much cleaner calls, gamer mode, ambient mode and much, much more!


The Tranya Nova earbuds deliver an exceptional auditory experience, with the sounds of various instruments being particularly captivating, making them suitable for a wide range of musical genres.

@Tech Moe

The earbuds are extremely comfortable to wear, have a good battery life, are water-resistant, and the functionality of the accompanying app is impressive with a high degree of customization.

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If you want a budget pair of true wireless ANC earbuds, then the Tranya Nova tick most boxes and offer good performance for the money.

@Trusted Reviews

They integrate the whole frequency range quite smoothly, have sufficient dynamic headroom to put meaningful distance between the quietest and the loudest moments of a recording, and retain and reveal a fair amount of detail.


The Tranya Nova are a reliable, good-sounding and comfortable pair of true wireless earbuds. All of the basics are here at a decent price.

@Irish Examiner

The Tranya Nova True Wireless Earbuds offer a compelling package for users seeking budget-friendly active noise-cancelling earbuds. Their impressive connectivity and user-friendly app make them a solid choice.

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