TRANYA Becomes the Official Sponsor for Backline's Event "Set Break" - Tranya

TRANYA Becomes the Official Sponsor for Backline's Event "Set Break"

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Tranya is pleased to announce that we’ll be joining in the community of Backline and be an official sponsor of its annual event “Set Break” scheduled for April 10th.

Initiated by Sweatcoin, Backline set off to help music industry professionals and their family members find health and wellness resources that are low-cost, effective, and tailored for the unique lifestyle and limitations of this community. During this pandemic unease, the need for Backline surges as the landscape of this industry has been impacted.

Under this initiative, Sweatcoin has successfully launched several programs to accommodate the growing needs for care in this community. With Case Management, individuals receive fully-customized mental health plans; moderated by licensed therapists, Support Groups provide a safe place for people to gather and talk about working in today’s music industry; weekly-updated content and guest speakers from Wellness + Education educate the music community on mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, physiological health, and more. In the context of uncertainty, Backline has provided a safe and secure environment for individuals to find resources to support their mental health and wellness journey.

Tranya has been working with Sweatcoin since 2019, witnessing Backline from a modest initiative grow into a mature community in just one year is inspiring. Both companies value social responsibility and are deeply involved in the music industry, we see this cooperation as a chance to further extend our care and support to the music industry.

Be sure to check the Sweatcoin app for the “Set Break” event, see you there on April 10th.

See the official announcement from Sweatcoin, go here.

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