Our Founder, Taylor Zhang, a heavy headphone user, is a music lover who listens to music for at least 5-6 hours every day. He has tried many brands of headphones, but none of them satisfied him completely. For example, Apple's AirPods have a battery time of 2-3 hours which makes him hesitate to use them. Likewise, Beats bass is too muddy and the sound quality of the Boss is good but the volume is quite high. If we talk about Sony then the appearance is a bit weird. So, Taylor decided that all music lovers deserve to have a better solution with incredible sound, longer battery life, comfortable yet stylish, all in one earbud. A good pair of wireless earbuds should not only have good sound quality, but also battery life, comfortable wearing, and appearance so that music lovers can use them for a long time and regard them as a part of daily life as a great companion.



Tranya was born with the mission: Music lovers deserve to have a perfect companion! Innovation: We strive for innovation through designing, scrupulous engineering, and manufacturing. We create affordable luxury that you can’t get anywhere else. User Experience: We don’t compromise on user experience that is why all our products are user-friendly. Quality Service: We always try to ensure that our customers stay carefree even after purchasing our products which is why we provide after-sale service. Tranya always tries to turn every possibility into reality through its mission. 


INTEGRITY: Our main purpose is to build a relationship with all our suppliers and customers. We offer after-sales service just to support and build trust with each other. . INNOVATION: We always welcome innovation and work day & night before launching a new product. We always encourage a friendly environment so everyone can share their ideas. . PASSION: Our passion to do something better every day enables us to provide something incredible on an affordable budget. . OPENNESS: When a workplace is open to new ideas that means they are going towards success. We make sure that each employee communicates effectively without any hesitation and really appreciate every opinion and treat them equally with trust and respect.


“We always try to provide the listeners a unique experience. We want the listener to be able to hear every nuance of the sound. We also aim to convey the feeling that the artists put in their songs. Hence, Tranya use the same logic when tuning their products. It is critical that when someone listens to music, he can connect with the emotions that the musician wishes to convey. And then comes the most crucial thing– to deliver that through headphones but when the end-user is satisfied, we have already succeeded.” says Taylor Zhang, the founder of Tranya.


Tranya is successfully operating in the US, HK, and China. Our channels reach 50+ countries and regions, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and more.


"Tranya T10B the sound quite good, with potent, well-defined bass and great detail."

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"Tranya joins the budge leaders producing surprisingly good earbuds at bargain-basement prices."

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"Tranya T10 Earbuds Tick All The Boxes For Features and Value."

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