Tranya Nova

Tranya Nova


Tranya Nova Bluetooth earphones are powered by the advanced Qualcomm® QCC3072 chip and aptX™ technology. Customized "Tranya Audio" APP gives you all the control you want on your earbuds. 36 total hours of wireless playtime. With 12mm powerful dynamic drivers, advanced aptX Adaptive codecs and our proprietary SonicMax™ technology that can SIGNIFICANTLY enhance clarity and separation, the Tranya Nova wireless earbuds provide an exceptional immersive listening experience.

Tranya Nova

Superior Sound Quality via High-Performance Chip

Experience the pinnacle of wireless audio with Tranya Nova Bluetooth earphones powered by the advanced Qualcomm® QCC3072 chip and aptX™ technology. The QCC3072 chip ensures superior audio processing, delivering rich, immersive sound across the entire frequency spectrum. With aptX™ technology, enjoy high-quality, low-latency audio streaming, allowing you to savor every note and beat with exceptional precision.

ANC Escape to your sanctuary of serenity

ANC could help you to escape the chaos of crying infants and the roar of airplane engines during long flights. Slip on the Tranya Nova earbuds, activate the ANC feature, and let the outside world fade away. Equipped with our advanced Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology, the Tranya Nova can effectively reduce external noise by up to 43dB, immersing you in a realm of tranquility and pure bliss.

Hear The Difference between ANC Strong and ANC Off Play

* The below is for illustration only, and the actual experience may vary.


Adopt Tranya's exclusive SonicMax™ technology to improve the sound quality, dynamic range and sound details of audio by using special audio algorithms and processing techniques. It enhances the listening experience of music, movies, games and other audio content and provides richer, clearer and deeper audio effects.

Seamless Transition with Dual-Mode Transparency.

Desire to stay connected to your surroundings while enjoying your favorite tunes? Simply press and hold the touch area to activate Transparency mode, effortlessly reconnecting with the world around you without the need to remove the earbuds.

Crystal-clear Calls, Serene Conversations

Every word spoken during your calls is preserved with pristine clarity when you use the Tranya Nova earbuds. Equipped with 6 microphones (three per earbud) and Qualcomm® cVc 8.0 ENC technology, background noise is effortlessly detected and eliminated, while human voices are amplified, ensuring unparalleled speech intelligibility. Stay connected and enjoy uninterrupted conversations, even when you're on the go.


Engineered with precision, our wind-resistant earbuds ensure every beat, every note, and every word remains crystal clear and undisturbed. Whether you're running, cycling, or simply strolling in the great outdoors, these earbuds are your ultimate audio companion, blocking wind noise and keeping you connected to your world.

Instant Pairing. Instant Playback.

Simply slide the earbuds out of the case, and voila! You're instantly connected. It's that effortless. Experience low-latency audio on both Android and iOS platforms with the power of Bluetooth 5.3 and aptX™ Adaptive technology. Seamlessly switch between devices with Multipoint pairing, ensuring uninterrupted audio bliss.

Music for Any Adventure

Dive into Your Music, Rain or Shine. Our Bluetooth earphones with IPX5 waterproof rating keep up with your active lifestyle, delivering exceptional sound quality even in wet conditions.

Immersive Gaming with 40ms Ultra-Low Latency.

Activate Gaming mode and instantly immerse yourself in the sounds of the battlefield. With an ultra-low latency of 40ms, you can fully concentrate on your game, channeling all your energy into securing victory.

Cut the Cords, Embrace Wireless Charging

Wireless charging offers a new level of convenience and ease. No more fumbling with cables or searching for the right charging port. Our wireless charging solutions provide fast and efficient power delivery, allowing you to charge your devices effortlessly. Embrace the future of charging.

Seamless Multi-Device Connectivity

Connect and switch effortlessly between two devices with Tranya Nova earbuds. No more hassle of swapping headphones or juggling devices when you receive an important call during an online meeting. Enjoy uninterrupted transitions between music, videos, calls, and more, all with a simple touch. Stay connected, no matter what comes your way.

Tranya Nova earbuds
Tranya Nova earbuds

Customized Tranya Audio APP

Take control of your Bluetooth earbuds settings and customize your audio experience with our dedicated Tranya Audio App, you can adjust the sound equalizer (EQ), switch between different noise-canceling modes, activate the game mode, and define touch control actions to suit your preferences. Additionally, you can rename the device to design your own unique name.


Manual Nova User Manual 2023-07-01 Download