Tranya Nova Lite

Tranya Nova Lite


ANC technology blocks out background noise for a pure listening experience. Take control with "Tranya Audio"app. Customize settings, track your earphones, and fine-tune your audio preferences. Stay aware of your surroundings with the touch of a button. Easily switch to Transparency Mode when you need it.

Tranya Nova Lite

Transform the roar of a jet taking off into the whisper of a leaf blower*, Tranya Nova Lite equipted with active noise cancellation (ANC), crafts a shielding barrier that reduces overwhelming noises and leaving you with just the essence of your audio.

Strong Connectivity, Switch Seamlessly

Slide the earbuds from the case and connect in a snap. With the advanced Bluetooth 5.3, experience minimal lag on both Android and iOS. Multipoint pairing allows for seamless transitions between devices, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Notes linger, No Danger

At the simple touch of a button, effortlessly blend in ambient noises. Engage in conversations without removing your earbuds and gain instant auditory awareness whenever nece.


Your Lite, Your Style! Download the Tranya Audio app on Android or iOS, connect your smart devices through Bluetooth, and plunge into tailored audio.

Rediscover Sound

Dive deep into an audio experience that places you center stage. With the power of 12mm speakers and Nova Lite's precision-engineered design, we present a sonic panorama like no other. The substantial driver and and bass duct collaborate to product resonant boaa, allowing air to flow naturally for a seamless soundscape.

Crystal-Clarity in Every Word

Equipped with dual built-in microphones and a Voice Pickup Unit, Tranya Lite earbuds deliver unparalleled call quality. The Voice Pickup Unit intelligently detects your jaw movement and converts the vibrations into enhanced voice signals, ensuring crystal-clear sound even in noisy environments.

Hear The Difference between ANC Strong and ANC Off Play

* The below is for illustration only, and the actual experience may vary.


With ultra-low 38ms latency, synchronized audio-visuals offer an immersive gameplay experience.

From Desk to Dusk, Engineered f or The Thrill of The Journry.

Lite on, volume up, IPX5 is crafted for the everyday expedition.

Personalized Soundscapes with CUSTOM EQ

Discover the perfect EQ settings to transform your playlist into an auditory delight using the Tranya Audio app. Empowering you with enhanced control over your music, our app lets you finely tune your sound to match your preferences. Effortlessly maneuver the sliders and craft a sound that resonates with your unique taste.


Simply slide the earbuds out of the case, and voila! You're instantly connected. It's that effortless. Experience low-latency audio on both Android and iOS platforms with the power of Bluetooth 5.3. Seamlessly switch between devices with Multipoint pairing, ensuring uninterrupted audio bliss.


Manual Nova Lite User Manual 2023-09-01 Download