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Bluetooth 5: Is it actually better, and do you need it?

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With the increasing popularity of wireless wearable devices, Bluetooth is more common than ever. If you have recently purchased any smart device that supports Bluetooth, you must have noticed that it supports Bluetooth 5. This version is now built into many wireless technologies that are found in smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, wireless speakers, laptops, and more. This is the latest version of Bluetooth with better speed, security, range, and data capacity with each iteration.


It’s also possible that you have purchased some smart device and it doesn't support Bluetooth 5 because not everyone thinks about updating the newest version. But that’s a big question to the product as what's new and improved is always wanted. Let’s take a look at the benefits of having this Bluetooth but make sure that all your connected devices must feature Bluetooth 5 to have all these benefits.


  1. Bluetooth Low Energy Consumption:  Bluetooth operates in low energy modes to move the data efficiently in a classic mode. BLE was introduced in Bluetooth 4 and it provides a way to communicate to use less power. As Bluetooth 5 allows low power consumption that means longer battery life for your device.


  1. Dual Audio: Bluetooth 5 allows the bandwidth to increase that connects two audio devices at the same time. It simply means that you can simultaneously broadcast to 2 devices or stream in to create stereo effect, transmit audio to multiple rooms or connect your earbuds, speakers or even a pair of headphones.


  1. Faster, Powerful and Better Speed: The best part about Bluetooth 5 is better speed as it offers data transfer speed of up to 2 Mbps. It’s twice the speed with eight times the capacity, if we compare it to the previous 4.2 Bluetooth. The Bluetooth 5 also compresses audio data so it can be transferred in an efficient manner. The high resolution of audio requires more efficiency to translate the audio data with less delays. This makes advanced gears like all our Tranya earbuds, to let you enjoy high quality of audio over Bluetooth.


  1. Extended Range: Bluetooth 5 can communicate with another device up to 800 feet (240 meters) away. It has four times the operating range of Bluetooth 4.2. This clearly means that it can transmit audio to the device over great distance with much fewer dropouts and zero delays. Do you want to listen to a performance while doing some other task? Enjoy your favourite performance and feel like you are listening live only with Tranya earbuds.


Do you really need Bluetooth 5?


Bluetooth 5 is backward compatible with Bluetooth 4 means if the devices don’t have Bluetooth 5, they can still connect normally without greater benefits of Bluetooth 5. Mostly we have heard that by upgrading the version of anything, it affects your battery timings but that is not true. Tranya always seeks to incorporate the latest version of technology. Our newly launched T20 and T10B wireless earbuds have the latest 5.1 Bluetooth version that efficiently streams everything in a way that makes the earbuds last longer in playtime. The power and speed of Bluetooth 5.1 is the next level that makes you listen to your sound the way it is supposed to be heard without any distortion or delays.

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