Start Walking and Get Paid in Sweatcoins with Tranya T10

Start Walking and Get Paid in Sweatcoins with Tranya T10 - Tranya

Most of us are well aware of the pros of exercise, but to stick to it is the hardest part. Exercise is not only important for youngsters, but it should be an essential part of the routine for aged people as well as kids. It keeps you physically healthy and fit. Mostly we get demotivated or lazy to go for a walk or workout but if we know that we are going to get something, this can definitely result in motivating us and ofcourse in the end, who does not want a reward after doing something? We all do. Did you know that you can also earn by burning the calories through a jog or run. And for that, we all need a comfortable yet durable pair of wireless earbuds to keep us motivated.

Sweatcoin and Tranya are now working together to provide you an unbeatable edition and came out with a perfect solution in the form of T10 earbuds that is also limited edition. Now you must be thinking, what is sweatcoin? So let's begin with basically what Sweatcoin is and how it works.

What is Sweatcoin actually and How it works

Sweatcoin is a step counter and activity tracker application that pays you digital currency in the end by just being physically active. All you have to do is download the Sweatcoin app, which is available for free on iOS and Android and keep it running on your phone throughout the time. It will count your steps anytime you walk or run. It tracks your steps and pays you in sweatcoin (SWC). You can earn 1 SWC for every 1,000 steps. After getting enough SWC, you are able to redeem them to purchase any item like Amazon credits, e-books, sports, airline miles or certificates to retailers. There are many offers that keep on changing depending on the Sweatcoin and retailers. You can track everything on the sweatcoin application. You can also use your sweatcoins to upgrade your level to different subscriptions.


You cannot just earn throughout a day. As there are so many pros, there are also some limitations to sweatcoin (SWC) that are listed below.

-Swimming comes under fitness activity but does not come under steps so you won’t be getting any sweatcoins.

-Biking also does not count under steps.

-The only thing which is counted as an activity is based on running or walking steps only.

-Steps on the treadmill also does not count though it is also a physical exercise.

-Climbing stairs at the gym does not come under this category as well. 

-One of the most important things to remember before going out is to tie your phone so it can count your steps well. If you have forgotten your phone at home then those steps could not be counted and you won't be getting or earning any sweatcoins (SWC)

-The app should be working perfectly on your phone to track your steps while running or jogging.

Tranya T10 Wireless Waterproof

Tranya has some amazing wireless earbuds with exceptional sound quality. T10 earbuds are equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and a terrific 12mm Graphene driver that lets you experience the best of sound. You can listen to every high and low of music. Don't miss any crisp to your music or call because you should not miss out on any important points. T10 also has deep bass that ensure great vocals to everything. Mostly people are scared to buy earbuds because of poor battery timings but T10 has up to 32 hours of total playtime along with the case. Also, 10 minutes charging gives you 1 hour of playtime. If you are a fitness lover then the IPX7 feature got you covered because now you do not need to worry about your sweat while doing heavy workouts. Tranya is here to take care of it. T10 earbuds are a perfect fit for those who take their workout time seriously.

Sweatcoin and Tranya’s T10 wireless earbuds together

You must have learned about how sweatcoin works. Tranya and Sweatcoin have now created a new flagship of Tranya wireless earbuds that is also a limited edition to the famous Tranya T10 earbuds. Now, you have got one more fantastic feature in these wireless earbuds, you can earn easily through it. You must be thinking that it would be hard to handle so here is another news, the app is easily available on your phone device and is extremely user friendly. And if you are worried about your phone's battery then do not worry because it won't be draining your battery at all. A newer version of sweatcoin is introduced in our latest limited edition of T10. This is the best combination and value addition to your earbuds, so buckle up your belts and get ready for the amazing T10 wireless earbuds with sweatcoin and start earning some exciting rewards now. 

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