Tranya has introduced a latest set of headphones "H10 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphone" that can be the perfect solution for all your needs. These headphones blend incredible sound and elite noise cancellation into a luxe with super comfortable and light-weight, foldable design.
Earbuds are introduced with the latest noise cancellation technology that is of most use when you don't want to miss the detail of what you are listening to and likewise, you don't want any distractions due to the external noises that interrupts your listening or working.
The old wired headphones were very hard to use while doing any kind of physical activity and exercises, as the wires kept on entangling and were hard to carry. But now, the wireless earbuds have completely turned the game with its advanced and different incredible features. 
A codec is a short for compression/decompression. It is a complex algorithm which processes audio data and makes it smaller so that it is easier to send it over from the phone to the headphones. To understand how the Bluetooth works, knowledge of Bluetooth codecs is necessary. Bluetooth codecs are of great importance as these codecs can improve audio quality, reduce the latency, and contribute to energy efficiency.
As these words seem a bit technical, some people often get confused about the difference between waterproof and water/sweat resistant technology.  With water resistant / waterproof earbuds you can enjoy a sunny day at the beach or at a poolside enjoying and listening to e-readers or your favorite music collection without getting worried about the moist and or the water.
When it comes to choosing Bluetooth earbuds for yourself, you need to consider the battery life, Bluetooth version, sound quality, water resistance, affordability and so on. T10 Truly Wireless Earbuds have all the latest features that you are looking for. From comfort to the latest advanced features, Tranya T10 has it all.