True Wireless Earbuds Buying Guide

True Wireless Earbuds Buying Guide

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Wireless earbuds are used worldwide, and no doubt, they make life easy going as you don't have to worry about the wires untangling when in the dark or the middle of a task.

However, not all wireless earbuds are the same. So you should know some information about wireless earbuds to buy a good one.

What Are "True" Wireless Earbuds?

You must be wondering why some earbuds are called "wireless earbuds" while others are known as "true wirelessearbuds," also referred to as "True Wireless Stereo (TWS)." Andthe difference is true wireless earbuds don't have a connector or a cable between the earphones. They are completely cordless or cord-free, which means they are more convenient, flexible, andeasy to use. True wireless earbuds can be used in playing games, smartphones, tablets, TVs, laptops, and other new electronic devices.True wireless is only available in earbuds.They connect to the audio using Bluetooth, and each earbud is physically independent. The latest Bluetooth makes it easy to transmit high resolution wirelessly. There is no compressed version of sound due to no wires and the compression lowered the resolution of the music.

Trnaya T10B wireless earbuds

How Do True Wireless Earbuds Work?

It looks quite magical when you listen to your calls or music from your phone to your ears without anything. The data exchange between the two devices makes it easy to work.The primary earpiece is connected to the audio source and sends the signal onto the secondary earpiece. True wireless earbuds work by pairing and connecting with the device through some radio transmissions or infrared signals over Bluetooth and the connections have a minimal range. A tiny chip is inserted into products with Bluetooth and software, which makes the connection between the devices. When there is a Bluetooth-enabled product such as a laptop, tablet, or cell phone close to wireless earbuds, you can connect and pair the wireless earbuds with the device without missing a word of your music or podcast.


The Benefits Of True Wireless Earbuds

Before choosing a pair of earbuds, you can understand the benefits of making your wireless earbuds guide much more accessible.


This word convenience covers a whole lot of benefits. Wireless earbuds have given us freedom from wires and made it convenient to listen to music differently as there are no barriers in between. Having wireless earbuds makes you carefree while doing any chore. In short, no cable makes more portability that allows you to take your music or any important call anywhere you go.

Easy Access

While going for a hike or on a trail, it feels very uneasy to take out your wired earbuds in the corner of your backpack with lots of other stuff. Thankfully, you can immediately take out your true wireless earbuds without any unease and mess.

Quick Pairing

We all love the benefit of wireless earbuds because you can use the wireless earbudsin a busy meeting or a crowded subway without any trouble like wired ones. No need to pop it up and plug it in with your device. Just set up your connection, pair it to your device once, and you are good to go every time. Just take out your wireless earbuds, and they are connected without any hurdle.


Things To Consider When Buying True Wireless Earbuds

You must be thinking about how to choose a pair of wireless earbuds as there are many options available in the earbuds industry. So let's take a look at the features you should consider before buying.


There are many cheap options available but they are trash when you use them. Good quality earbuds don't have a cheap price tag due to the material used to manufacture them. Good quality earbuds don't come at a low price, so get ready to pay a few bucks, but before that, you must study the features and other specs.

Ear-tips & Comfortability

Wireless earbuds consist of many parts, but their ear-tips are the most critical part. It is the primarysource for your comfort and sound listening experience. If ear-tips are too small, it can disturb your listening because they won't be able to seal your ear canal properly. Ear tips are not universal, and you have to check for your particular size to have a comfy fit. The best material used in ear-tips is silicone. It is used over foam which makes it comfortable and durable. They can fit easily and are easy to clean. Also, they last longer than others because they don't lose the original shape even after multiple uses.

Pairing Speed

Some earbuds give you a headache-slow pairing speed. But if your earbuds can pair fast, yougetthe good ones.Once you turn on the Bluetooth Fast-pair, it automatically detects and pairs with your Smartphone. This is a one-of-a-kind method that uses Bluetooth Low Energy and your Android phone's location to automatically discover Bluetooth items nearby and connect with a single tap.


Using good earbuds, you can easily control your things by simply touching or pressing the button. However, some cheaper earbuds mostly don't have control options. You need to pick up your phone to change or for any command.

Volume & Sound Quality

Not every wireless earbuds have volume equally. Some are louder at 50%, while othersare louder at their max limit. An incredible pair of earbuds have fantasticsound quality. This is another important factorbefore buying earbuds because if earbuds have low sound quality, why are you even considering those earbuds? Of course, you deservea great piece with adjustable volume and sound quality.


Sometimes you need to adjust your surroundings, whether you are a commuter or listening to an important phone call. If you prefer noise-canceling features over any other, you should know three types of noise-canceling modes. Active noise cancellation completely blocks all surroundings, while Passive noise cancellation isolates you from noises. An adaptive noise cancellation uses microphones and speakers to adjust to your surroundings automatically. Choose what type of listening you want accordingly.

Charging Case

The charging case can hold the battery for later use. Once the earbuds are low, just put the earbuds back in the charging case. The case has a sufficient amount of charging before charging again. Also, if it has type-C fast charging, it takes hardly 10-15 minutes on an excellent 1-hour use. Charging case comes in many shapes and sizes, but the more compact a design a charging case has, the more it's easy to carry around.

Battery life

Battery life is another primary concern before buying true wireless earbuds. Many manufacturers misinterpret the battery playtime as 24 hours while it gives a tough time of listening/talking. They usually mention the total hours of charging through the charging case battery is also included in those hours.

What's the point of buying earbuds when you can only use them for roughly an hour? And when you are in an emergency, you need to charge again.

Tip: Before putting them back in the charging case, listen and learn how many hours you can use earbuds on a single charge. Because none likes to charge the earbuds repeatedly.


You don't only have to listen to the sound. You should also check a few aspects to listen to the details. Check the Bluetooth version, charging type, audio codec, and microphone system. Check how it's made and what magnet driver type they are using. Frequency response refers to the frequency range your earphone can cover. The more extensive the range, the better. Impedance is also important as the more the impedance is, the less sound level you will listen to. Specs are as crucial as features, so pay close attention to the little details.


Best True Wireless Recommend

There are many wireless earbuds options in the market. But if you want to buy it for your jogging, commutesorgaming sessions, then Tranya T10B is definitely for you. Here are the points to ponder.

1.T10B is specially designed with a 12mm Graphene-driver, so you don't miss the little details. You will feel like you’re attending a live concert.

2.Ultra-low latency that helps gamersplay all theirfavorite games without any video orsound lags.

3.The high definition sound quality, seamless connection, and zero dropouts make everyone enjoy crystal clear calls with no distortion.Thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5.1 version.

4.Shut all the surroundings and have peace of mind with your relaxing yoga because T10B takes care of sweat with IPX7 water & sweatproof.

5.Enjoy any movie with a single charge as T10B has an 8-Hourplaytime.

6.Your choices are atyour fingertips. There is no need to pick up your phone between driving because of the enhanced touch control in T10B earbuds.

7.T10Bisincredibly comfortable and comeswith three soft silicone ear-tips. Select your comfortaccording to your ears.

8.The low cost seemed like a great alternative to any expensive brand.


tranya earbuds

Frequently asked questions

Are true wireless earbuds safe?

Yes, of course! They are safe because the frequency used in earbuds is very low and similar to WiFi frequency which is not dangerous for us. But everything comes with a warning, so we highly recommend everyone not to use much while you need attention on another task, for example, driving. Limit any distractions and stay cautious while on roads and stay safe.

Do wireless earbuds fall out?

Yes. To avoid your earbuds falling out, please check your perfect fit as everyone’s ears are different and a one-size-fits-all earbud may not be a good fit for certain people. Also, try to clean ear wax buildup on earbuds that can make your fitting poor.

Can the wireless earbuds last ALL day long?

Many manufacturers don't pay heed and betray customers by mentioning wrong playtimes. But not all play with customers' emotions and provide 6-10 hours of playtime on a single earbud. The more wisely you use, the more they stay long. Also, the charging caseholds the battery, so you can easily travel without charging.

Are the true wireless headphones workout-friendly?

Definitely yes. People mainly buy wireless earbuds because there are nowires. It's tough to exercise with wires, so wireless earbuds are the best for workouts. Also, mostly the earbuds have some IPX water/sweat proofrating that will make your heavy workouts more worthy.

What if I lose the earbuds?

Many people often lose their earbuds because they are too small, but many companies sell replacement earbuds if you lose one. Also, if you buy your earbuds that have a perfect fit, then it's not possible to lose them on a walk or a jog. That is why we recommend you check your fit to avoid any mishap. We understand that losing an earbud is such a heartbreak.

What's new with true wireless?

Bluetooth 5 is the new rage as it provides the best seamless connection with zero delays and no dropouts. This means there will likely be improvements in connectivity, battery life, and range.


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