True Wireless Earbuds

True Wireless Earbuds

Shop at Tranya for true wireless earbud headphones. Enjoy wire-free earbuds without the hassle of dealing with headphone cord tangle.
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Tranya X5Tranya X5
Tranya X5
Sale price$85.99
Tranya F4Tranya F4
Tranya F4
Sale price$69.99
Tranya T10BTranya T10B
Tranya T10B
Sale price$69.99
Tranya X1Tranya X1
Tranya X1
Sale price$99.99
Tranya X3Tranya X3
Tranya X3
Sale price$119.99
Tranya X2Tranya X2
Tranya X2
Sale price$55.99
Tranya T10 ProTranya T10 Pro
Tranya T10 Pro
Sale price$79.99

6 colors available

Tranya T30Tranya T30
Tranya T30
Sale price$79.99
Tranya T20Tranya T20
Tranya T20
Sale price$79.99
Tranya M10BTranya M10B
Tranya M10B
Sale priceFrom $49.99
Tranya T10Tranya T10
Tranya T10
Sale price$49.99 Regular price$79.99

Headphone sound & Earphone size

Give your ears a break and invest in some high-quality headphones! We have covered with sporty or elegant options, noise cancellation technology to help block out the world around them without any interruptions!


Designed to keep up with your active life, Tranya Earbuds are built tough and come equipped for any situation. They’re rated IPX7 so they can withstand rain or sweat-soaked ears while you're out running errands on a summer day--and because no one wants their electronics shorting out due an overzealous downpour!